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by Ween
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Ween Capitol Theater Portchester, NY 12-15-18 Source: Oktava MK012 > fostex fr2le (roc, 10ft^)  Recorded by: Zachariah Boes Intro I Gots A Weasel  Transdermal Celebration The Stallion Part 1 Wavin’ My Dick In The Wind Japanese Cowboy I’ll Be Your Jonny On The Spot Roses Are Free Mutilated Lips Ice Castles> The Golden Eel Going Gets Tough From The Getgo I Saw Gener Crying In His Sleep Mr. Richard Smoker The Stallion Part 2 Stroker Ace Gabrielle “Suck That Turduckin’ “ Frank...
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Source: Oktava MK-012
by Ween
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Ween 2018-11-03 The Palace Theatre, St. Paul, MN Source: Octava MK-012-01 (cards) > Fostex FR2LE (24/48) Transfer: FR2LE > Audacity > Flac Location Behind SBD DFC 8ft^  Taped/Transfered by Zachariah Boes Nan Take Me Away Stallion part 1 The Grobe Waving My Dick In The Wind The Goin Gets Tough From The Get Go *Chocolate Town *Kim Smoltz *The Mollusk $I Don't Want It @Joppa Road I Saw Gener Crying In His Sleep I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot Object I Gotsa Weasel #Transitions ...
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Ween Court Tavern New Brunswick NJ 1993
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